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Welcome to the Prospect Park 2020 Website

Prospect Park 20/20, Inc. was formed in 2012 to re-imagine and inspire the redevelopment of the area surrounding Minneapolis' Prospect Park light rail station in accordance with the principles developed by the Prospect Park Neighborhood Association. As a nonprofit community development organization, Prospect Park 20/20 has directed its efforts to facilitating the community-born vision to create an inspired assemblage of places and spaces where artists, researchers, residents, educators and students of all ages are brought together in a catalytic environment to create, learn, conduct business, play and dream. 


The goal was to establish, in partnership with land owners, businesses, the University of Minnesota, nonprofit organizations and government agencies, a replicable model of 21st century urban redevelopment and living, a

magnetic urban center with arts in its DNA.


Prospect Park 20/20 includes community leaders and business and land owners, real estate development and design professionals and is governed by a board of directors and advisors covering a broad range of disciplines including health, finance, education, as well as leaders in the areas of economic and social justice.


PP2020 takes as its responsibility to be the strong, persuasive voice for the creation of a community that is rich in opportunity, diverse, inclusive, healthy and beautiful.

Our Work

The work of Prospect Park 20/20 began with a community-based study supported by the Funders Collaborative that provided a basic framework and land use plan for the development of the area around the 29th Ave LRT station. The organization is also 

a founding member of the Towerside Innovation District, a coalition of partners who since 2017 have acted collectively to create development framework guidelines, find early capital, support districtwide systems for stormwater, energy, heating and cooling and advance the vision with potential investors and developers. 


PP20/20 has been a leader in attracting and supporting a community enriching mix of development including affordable, market-rate and special-needs housing, a grocery store, an iconic nationally recognized brewery, restoration of a historic warehouse as a food hall and a strengthening of the public realm by creation of a park and signature green space as a key element of the Bridal Veil Regional Trail … the missing link in the Grand Rounds Parkway. 

What's Needed in 2021

Much has been accomplished. However, the burst of development in the

past 5 years has resulted in the tripling of the price of land. This increase in

the value of property, the acquisition of sites and existing buildings is rapidly

eroding the opportunity and feasibility for arts and cultural organizations to

locate in the Innovation District. 


Art and creativity are essential to placemaking, as well as to creating a

community of learning and discovery…arts, crafts and culture build bridges

and make connections among neighbors, businesses and institutions and

support activities across race, age, gender, ethnicity and religion. The

imagination and inspiration sparked by artistic pursuits energizes community

life, civic dialogue and discovery. It is the declared desire of the city of

Minneapolis and Towerside that arts and cultural organizations be an integral

component of the Innovation District. 

The Action

If the opportunities for arts and cultural organizations to locate in Prospect Park Towerside are to be realized, it is urgent that action be initiated now. 

Accordingly, Prospect Park 20/20 has undertaken and completed an analysis demonstrating how the aspirations and facilities requirements of arts and cultural organizations can be affordably addressed in this district of high land costs.

The report illustrates to arts and cultural organizations, developers and investors

how, by means of specific planning concepts and the use of existing financial mechanisms, properties in the district may be collaboratively developed to gain

broad community support and be a powerful magnet to artists, makers,

performers, customers and tenants from

throughout the region. 

For additional information about

Development of Arts and Cultural

Facilities analysis or our other activities,

contact us through the form on this

web page, or email us at:



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Prospect Park 2020
Prospect Park 2020
Prospect Park 2020

Multiple models and renderings have been created over the years to help convey the vision of the area's potential.

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