PP2020 will focus on three initiatives in 2016-2017

Prospect Park 2020 (PP2020) has identified three initiatives to focus on as it continues its efforts to shape development in the Towerside Innovation District. The three initiatives are:

Arts and Culture

Arts and culture are essential to sustaining communities of opportunity and to creating a strong sense of community. Arts and culture support activities across race, age, gender and ethnicity, PP2020 is working to partner with the Textile Center, resident artists and crafts people, the Creative Enterprise Zone in St. Anthony Park and others to identify and test programs that will reinforce these community values and demonstrate their value to the thinking, planning and development of the district.

Healthy Living

Together with Southeast Seniors, Prospect Park Community Gardeners, Blue Cross Blue Shield, PP2020 will work to ensure Towerside is a place whose infrastructure encourages activity, is walkable, provides easy access to health care facilities, provides nutritional education and access as well as social connectedness in a green and beautiful public realm.

Lifelong Learning

Towerside has a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be a model of lifelong learning. PP2020 is in the process of convening meetings with representatives of the Pratt Community School, the University of Minnesota, area charter school, Learning Dreams and three area library systems to identify the tools, program and the pilot ideas that will model how to foster learning across ages in formal and informal opportunities.

Check out this 2-page summary document to learn more about PP2020 and why we do what we do.

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