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Prospect Park 2020

This is the biggest piece of undeveloped land next to a major research university in the country… an opportunity to show what a 21st Century city could be like.


 - Tom Fisher

Director of the Metropolitan Design Center, U of M

Welcome to the Prospect Park 2020 Website

Prospect Park 2020, Inc. was formed to re-imagine and inspire the redevelopment of the area surrounding Minneapolis' Prospect Park light rail station in accordance with the principles developed by the Prospect Park Neighborhood Association. The vision developed by Prospect Park 2020 and endorsed by the community calls for an inspired assemblage of places to live, work, learn, discover, conduct business and play... a transit oriented city-within-a-city and Innovation District that is a replicable model of 21st century sustainable urban living.


Prospect Park 2020 includes community leaders and business/land owners along with real estate development and design professionals, governed by a board of directors and advisors covering a broad range of disciplines including health, finance, education, as well as leaders in the areas of economic and social justice.


It has evolved from a pioneering advocate for an inspired, sustainable community to a highly engaged principal in the Prospect North Partnership providing leadership to advance the individual and shared vision for redevelopment and management of the area. PP2020 takes it as its responsibility to be the strong, persuasive voice for the creation of a community that is rich in opportunity, diverse, inclusive, healthy and beautiful.

Prospect Park 2020 aims to shepherd the development of a 21st Century, new urban center sustained by the arts, fueled by business, and propelled by innovation.

Prospect Park 2020 bridges the PPA neighborhood association and the Prospect North Partnership. As a founding partner and key player in the Partnership, PP2020 advocates for the district development vision and guides the implementation in alignment with community interests, values and aspirations.





Prospect Park 2020
Prospect Park 2020
Prospect Park 2020

Multiple models and renderings have been created over the years to help convey the vision of the area's potential.

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